Virtual Environment Software

Virtual Spaces Suite (VSS) software from vcopious empowers organizations to meet, engage and conduct business in an online virtual world. When it comes to creating virtual destinations, no matter what the purpose, VSS delivers uncompromising power with speed, flexibility and an easy to use interface to help create, build, manage and report on online events, environments, training and a host of other applications. 

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Speed - configuration is done in minutes

Building and modifying the virtual space is quick and easy. Configuration is done in minutes - not days or hours.

Metrics and reporting are instantly accessible. Dashboards show which attendees are in the space and where they are at any time.  

ROI - your investment goes farther

The cost of travel, time away, venue space and other real world expenses can't compare to the cost of a virtual environment. With our flexible VSS offering your investment goes farther than traditional providers. Whether your one space is live for a year or you run multiple events in the same space, we offer the same price! 

Flexibility - our system works the way you work

Our system works the way you work. You are not locked into a rigid structure. You are in control of what your visitors see and do. And you can quickly and easily change features. 

You control the level that works best for you. 

VSS Virtual Spaces Suite

VSS from vcopious is an end-to-end solution used for designing, creating and managing virtual environments and events. With unparalleled speed and flexibility the product allows organizations to communicate with audiences quickly and efficiently. The product consists of modules for creating spaces, managing them and reporting in real time. VSS has a unique approach in that content and data can be aggregated from multiple data sources and presented to the audience in a single unified look and feel.

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Customers can have complete access to the entire suite or can elect service levels in support of the application and goals.

VSS Supports Many Environments

VSS environments are online spaces which maybe be event-driven or long-living (24x7). Typical applications include training, conferences, trade shows, seminars, webinars, career fairs, or other information exchanges or briefings. VSS allows you to create, manage, change and keep these spaces vibrant and compelling. Deep tracking and reporting provides real-time metrics for analysis and content popularity rating.

Working with VSS

VSS contains an easy to use management system which allows you to build environments and events quickly and easily. But if you don’t have the time or the inclination to do the building – we can do it for you.

We work together with your space managers to give them control of the space. our producers can handle the more complex aspects. Once trained, your users are given access to the software. VSS assignable user roles ensure that the appropriate access and the security of your environment and data is maintained.

We quote an all-inclusive price. Decide what you want and leave the rest to us.

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