Applications and Environments

With Virtual Spaces Suite (VSS) software, vcopious creates virtual environments to meet your business needs. By creating your environment with VSS, you have the freedom to concentrate on the content and substance of the event. We provide a virtual space customized to replicate your corporate environment, manage the logistics and execution of the event, and provide you with live data tracking to give you immediate, measured feedback about the event’s success.

Training and Briefings

VSS features combine creatively to deliver a range of training experiences. Built to be flexible, the VSS software does not dictate the experience--you are in full control of the experience you provide for your employees or trainees. You can set up a deliberate path itinerary where attendees must complete one training module before moving on to the next, or you can provide all training modules in a library for attendees to work at their own pace. Detailed metrics follow the participant’s path and track interactions with the modules. Content can be loaded based on training content, job title, or any other variable you would like to use.

Conferences, Meetings, Webinars, Trade Shows and Career Fairs

Whether you have a need for a conference, meeting, webinar, trade show or career fair, VSS has the speed, features and flexibility to help you produce and deliver your event cost-effectively and on-demand.  Our software is easy to use, enabling you to build, manage and quickly deliver your virtual event without costly overhead or managing difficult logistics.

Next time you need to host an annual meeting or conference for all global employees, VSS provides one space where employees can access content live or Mock-Live. Geography and time zones are no longer obstacles to disseminating corporate-wide information. Your business might want to extend its reach and offer a webinar—VSS has the capacity to promote your webinar and generate buzz on social media to capture that broader audience. Running a trade show with VSS is easy, too, and a great way to highlight products. Our software enables you to create your own custom showroom floor complete with product booths for individualized experiences.

vcopious will work with you to make sure your next virtual event is notable.


VSS provides one-stop shopping for the pre-screening of candidates. Now, the professional recruiter has the ability to view and rate multiple candidates and resumes quickly and easily—all in one online space. You’ll attract higher caliber candidates with multiple recruiters using VSS than you would posting the job more traditionally. With VSS, you have the ability to speak live to multiple candidates, cutting the recruitment process down in time and complexity.


Program enrollment, such as for benefits, can be complex. VSS simplifies the process. Benefits are often multi-faceted driving up the content and must be individualized for each employee. In one virtual environment, VSS segregates the content while simultaneously targeting the exact audience. Equipped with an end-to-end reporting tool, VSS helps pinpoint trends and market shifts for the content provider.

At vcopious, we recognize that every customer has its own unique approach and corporate culture.  That’s why we have developed VSS to give you full control of the experience you provide for your employees or target audience. 

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