Features of the vcopious Virtual Spaces Suite

Thanks to its many flexible features, Virtual Spaces Suite (VSS) software allows you to create a virtual environment that rivals in-person meetings, generates energy and excitement among its participants, and encourages a free flow of information exchange and networking. Pick and choose the features that best work for you and the end result will be a uniquely custom experience available live or on demand. At vcopious, we offer the following features:

  • Flexible Learning Paths give you the freedom to customize the experience from a self-guided, pre-defined or mixed learning path for the participant. Modules, content, and videos can be targeted or available globally.
  • Role-based Individual Users and Groups enables content to be presented to different audience demographics as needed. Managers have full control of availability, accessibility and longevity at the individual content item level.
  • The virtual space’s Lifecycle is set by you. Keep it up for as long or as short of a time as you deem necessary; live, live and then on- demand or it available on demand only. We offer the ability to change the look and feel of the environment so that “live” days feel like a different experience than “on-demand” days.
  • Content Management options are up to you. Content does not have to be uploaded into the platform and can be accessed solely via a URL. Sensitive content presented to an internal audience only can reside behind the firewall. Content Management options are wide and varied including hosting and content delivery network options.
  •  Tracking gives you measured results for your virtual event’s success and participation rate. We track everything from user locations, interactions with the content, “watch times” for videos, and completion of modules making your post-event debriefing more productive. 

At vcopious, we recognize that every customer has its own unique approach and corporate culture.  That’s why we have developed VSS to give you full control of the experience you provide for your employees or target audience. 

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