The Virtual Spaces Suite (VSS) software and services from vcopious empowers organizations to meet, engage and conduct business in an online virtual world in an efficient and cost effective manner. When it comes to creating virtual destinations no matter what the purpose VSS delivers uncompromising power with speed, flexibility and an easy to use interface to help create, build, manage and report on online events, environments, training and a host more applications. We are different from the rest and here’s why, we have only one rule! Our rule is No Rules. No deadlines other than yours, no service packages you must take, no attendees you must pay for whether they show or not, no uploading content, no waiting for reports, and no open ended price structures. We work how you work but will share best practices and help guide towards a successful end goal.



Building and modifying the virtual space is quick and easy. Basics configuration can be done in minutes - not days or hours - even faster than building a functioning standard website.

Speed doesn’t only apply to the construction. Metrics and reporting are instantly accessible. Dashboards show which attendees are in the space and where they are at any time. Reports are available for historical and instantaneous data. 


Return on Investment

Traditional Virtual Events push content at a known audience. VSS is built to be a living, working space. The cost of a year of access to VSS is probably less than you paid for your last single virtual event. We can guarantee an unprecedented return on investment.  Whether your one space is live for a year or you run multiple events in the same space, the price is the same! Contact us now to see how a VSS environment could work for you.



From the look and feel to all that happens in a virtual space, you are in full control of what your attendees and audiences see and can do. Quickly and easily change features between live hours and on-demand hours – with a quality experience attendees will return on-demand giving you a deeper understanding of how your customers, prospects and targets react to you content and multimedia materials.You can have complete access to the entire suite or only elect services to support the application and goals.