Virtual Spaces Suite

Virtual Spaces Suite (VSS) from vcopious is an end-to-end solution used for designing, creating and managing virtual environments and events. With unparalleled flexibility and speed, the product allows organizations to communicate with audiences quickly and efficiently. The product consists of modules for creating online spaces, managing them and real-time reporting.

Customers can have complete access to the entire suite or elect service levels in support of the application and goals.

VSS has a unique approach in that content and data can be aggregated from multiple data sources and presented to the audience in a single unified look and feel. With integration into social media as well, a company can streamline and organize the presentation of messages and media quickly and easily.

VSS applications range from trainings and briefings, to conferences and webinars, to recruiting and career fairs. Spaces can also be 7x24 for enrollment or employee on-boarding, for example. Everything is tracked, so Continuing Education or compliance applications can also be accommodated. Of course, traditional virtual trade shows and exhibitions are fully supported.

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