Free Fillable Bill of Sale Missouri Template

Free Printable Bill of Sale Missouri FormPrior to making a car purchase, conducting thorough research becomes inevitable. The pre-purchase research process becomes confusing when you plan to make an out-of-state car purchase in Missouri. But, remember that making an out-of-state car purchase is beneficial because it enables you to expand your market and helps you to shop at a lower price.

Another reason for choosing it is the small size of Missouri State. It is ranked as the 18th most populous state of the nation, comprising of 114 counties and one independent city. The statistics show that the state is not densely populated as other states of America. Low population limits your car buying options. So, making an out-of-state car purchase proves to be a viable option for car buyers of Missouri.

How to make a Successful Out-of-State Car Purchase in Missouri?

· Transfer of the Title

One of the most essential steps of buying a car from a different state is to transfer the ownership of the car through the means of a title registration. A bill of sale is the most important document to show the transfer of ownership. The stipulated time to complete the title transfer process is 30 days. In order to complete the process, you will have to visit the office of Missouri Department of Revenue. The required documents to complete the process of title transfer include a bill of sale, an application for the Missouri title and license (Form DOR – 108) and Vehicle Identification Number.

· Safety Inspections

Once you make an out-of-state car purchase in Missouri, you will have to conduct safety inspections of the car. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is the concerned body that regulates the safety inspections in the state. It is mandatory for you to conduct a safety inspection of the car that you purchase. The safety inspection will check the working condition of the following:

– Brake system

– Headlights and turn signals

– Horn system

– Tires

– Airbags, etc.

Once you have completed the safety inspection of the car, you will receive a certificate of Inspection and Approval. The Missouri Department of Revenue will require it for registering your car. A safety inspection is essential as it will make you aware of the damages.

· Accurate Odometer Report

While purchasing a car from outside of Missouri, make sure that you consider its odometer reading. In case you are buying a used car that is less than ten years old, you should ensure that the title assignment includes an odometer reading of the car. According to the rules prevalent in Missouri, if you have an out-of-state title, you are required to fill an odometer verification form and obtain the Vehicle Identification Number from the seller. Therefore, make sure you verify every document before finalizing the deal.

Making an out-of-state car purchase multiplies your car buying options. If you opt for it, you can choose the car which is available in a different state at a cheaper price. But, before making the decision, refer to the above details and make a successful out-of-state car purchase in Missouri.

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Free Printable Resume Template Computer Science

Free Printable Resume Template Computer ScienceYou’ve probably heard it a 1000 times but it’s true, the job market is extremely competitive.

If you’ve made a decision to get into the job marketplace for the fist time, or just looking to gain an advantage over the competition, you need a compelling and hard hitting resume. If you think your resume could do with a “power up” I’ve listed 11 suggestions you can try out.

1. Create A Career Achievements Section
Make sure your resume features a section where you summarise all the highlights from your career. Place this section on the first page for maximum impact. You don’t want recruiters having to read page after page to find out what sort of employee you might be.

2. Use Big Numbers
Use big numbers when describing your previous projects, products, systems or roles. Try to make your earlier work appear as remarkable as possible. If you haven’t worked on anything that’s really big, consider the amount of money your project, product or system made or saved your previous companies.

3. Show Experience In A Range Of Industries
Try and demonstrate that you have experience in a wide range of different industries. If you have only worked for one company, what individual areas did you work in? Was it marketing? Manufacturing? IT? Be inventive.

4. Make Sure You List Any Certifications
Make sure you put any certifications on the first page, these are very important. If you don’t have any, why not start one! This way you can legitimately put one on your resume, you don’t need to lie, just make a note mentioning the certification is “in progress”.

5. Avoid Over Used Power Words
Make sure you don’t completely fill your resume with overused power words like “Extensive experience”, “Results-oriented”, “Proven track record” and “Team Player”. Once or twice is acceptable but not for every job listed.

6. Scannable First Page
Your very first page has to be scannable in just a few seconds or less, use font size 12 (but not different types) and use bold to draw the readers attention.

7. Clarity
Don’t babble, get to the point, every sentence should be clear and concise, no waffle. For example “I successfully ran project XYZ generating 100k in additional sales for CompanyX”. That’s clear and to the point.

8. Don’t Include Links To External Sites
Don’t link your resume to sites like MySpace or Facebook where recruiters could see pictures of you at the pub.

9. Update Your LinkedIn Site
Don’t let your LinkedIn site go stale. Employers often review your LinkedIn site to ensure the jobs listed here match those listed in your resume. Get one if you don’t have one!

10. Don’t List Your Referees
You don’t need to list referees in your resume. This is mostly unnecessary for a resume. If the potential employer is interested in referees they’ll ask you.

11. Don’t Use A Boring Resume Template
Standard templates look exactly that, standard. Dress your resume up with a splash of color, specific formatting, sections and easy to read fonts.

These 11 tips could help improve your resume giving you the edge you need to beat the competition.

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Free Resume Cover Letter Format Template

Free Printable Resume Cover Letter Format TemplateMany jobseekers consider the resume as a solitary factor that can convince a hiring manager about their qualifications and their capacity to hold certain vacant positions. Believing that this alone can help them land a job, they unfortunately ignore the significance of some other things in achieving their desired career. Worse, they are totally unaware of some other factors that may actually let them outshine other job candidates.

The problems usually consulted by aspirants to career specialists are those concerning resumes – how to do it, what to include in it, what format to use, how to improve its layout, and anything about do’s and don’ts. It is really noticeable that many applicants are not paying much attention to something that is as important as personal summary – the cover letter (CL).

Those who ignore the power of a CL in securing a post definitely don’t know that it can magically change the way job market competition goes.

A Passport in Getting There

With the presence of stiff labor rivalry, it is important that an aspirant is doing everything to edge out competitors. And one of the best ways to do this is by presenting a well-written CL to be able to get your application short-listed and not disregarded by a hiring manager.

How to make an exceptional one? Is there such a resume cover letter format to follow?

A CL is a piece of document that introduces an applicant and cites his primary reasons for pursuing a particular post. Through it, one may catch not only the attention but also the heart of the reader or recruiter. In making this formal letter, the writer must see to it that it is employer-specific rather than nonspecific or a generic one. If an applicant makes this document powerful and astounding, then it will serve as his passport in getting to the desired job.

It Differentiates Your Application

Through the help of the Internet, anyone can create a letter on his own. Be sure to make use of those online resources that are effective and can give positive results.

Like any other business letters, this one contains the basic parts: return address, date, inside address, salutation, body or message, complimentary close, signature, name of sender, and enclosures listed and postscripts (if applicable).

A writer should learn to apply the right resume cover letter format in order to make the final output something that can set the applicant apart from the rest. For now, let’s focus on the body of the letter.

What It Contains

Sentences in the body of the letter must have the following topics:

– Cite your interest in filling the vacant position.

– Relate information on what keeps you busy (current occupation or the most recent job held).

– Tell something about the job you hold/held (duties and responsibilities).

– Cite all of your skills and experience that are related to the position being applied for. This is to further establish your qualifications.

– Link all your qualifications and eligibilities with the available job post. This will give the hiring manager a hint on what you can contribute for the growth of the company.

– Cite your hope of meeting the hiring manager soon to personally discuss your qualifications in detail.

Following these tips will sure create a positive impact on your application. Remember that a good resume cover letter that follows an applicable format will certainly never get missed by hiring personnel.

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Free Editable Resume for First Job

Free Printable Resume Template for First JobFor a new job seeker, the resume is an all important tool. Being able to adequately describe your total essence in one page of paper is a true skill. Look at how many people make a full time living just working with resumes. The basic layout of a resume include five sections labeled header, job objective, education, experience and miscellaneous.

Lets examine each one to find out what should be included. In the header area, include your full name, address, home and cell phone numbers and a professional email. Get one if you don’t have one. They are cheap and plentiful. Make sure that this information is current, employers won’t contact you if they can’t contact you.

In the job objective area, state what you are looking for by reading the posting and putting a few keywords in your statement. You have just target the resume specifically for that job. Under education, list all schools attended, dates and degrees awarded. Include key classes and lab experiences relevant to the occupation of choice. This is probably more important than experience at this point. Some employers will even accept education in lieu of experience.

After this put your work history under the experience label. List any and all jobs here including full or part time and even volunteer work. There are plenty of valuable skills that you picked up while doing these things that you didn’t even realize. These could be handling money, working effectively with a team or being able to coordinate a fundraiser. Most employers look fondly upon these characteristics.

Finally, list your hobbies or interests. These can show you are well rounded and may strike a chord with the hiring manager who may share the same ones with you. Make sure to spell check and read the resume for grammar. Have at least 2 friends or mentors critique it as well before final printing. Now go get that job. Good luck!

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Free Customizable High School Student Resume Template

Free Printable High School Student Resume TemplateIt’s time to write that first resume, and you have no idea on even how to start. If you can follow some simple guidelines. then you too can build a decent resume. Before beginning, try to organize some of your thoughts on scrap paper (i.e. what you are good at, any jobs held, favorite class, activities or hobbies etc.).

This will help when actually writing the resume. The first draft should be on regular copy paper with the final one on a good quality stock. Using your favorite word processing program, you are going to make five sections: header, job objective, education, experience and miscellaneous. In your header portion, include your name (in larger print that the rest of the document), address, phone numbers and email address. In the job objective, state what you are looking for in one or two sentences. Under education, put down the schools attended, dates and diploma awards (or expected). You can also list any favorite classes or areas of strength here.

Under experience, put down any clubs, work study, community service or volunteer work that you have performed. You can also include part time jobs held. There are a surprising number of skills in these positions that are applicable to a full time position so don’t be shy about listing them. Finally, the last section is customizable by you since you have to decide what to include here. List your favorite hobbies or pastimes that you enjoy. If you like playing sports, by all means write it down. This can be a way for you to get noticed too since some employers may share a common interest as well. Now, print the resume on scrap paper and have at least 2 mentors critique it for you for spelling and grammar. Only then should you print it out on good quality stock. There you have it, a good resume worth your time. That’s it for now, good luck!

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Free Printable Bill of Sale Equipment Template

Free Printable Bill of Sale Equipment FormA “Bill of Sale” is a legal document that is used when you sell or transfer the ownership of goods or items such as a car, boat, equipment, photocopier, computers, furniture, or other assets from a seller (also called a “vendor”) to a purchaser. A Bill of Sale may also be used for the purchase and sale of intellectual property such as a customer list or a website. A typical Bill of Sale is provided by the seller to the purchaser and depending on the circumstances usually describes: (i) the names of the vendor and purchaser, (ii) a list of the items being purchased and sold, (iii) the purchase price and method of payment, and (iv) possibly also various legal terms depending on the complexity of the transaction.

If you are buying a business and as part of the purchase you are purchasing all the equipment (eg. furniture, chairs, office equipment, inventory, and supplies), you should request that the seller provide to you a Bill of Sale agreement. One of the main reasons why a purchaser wants to receive a Bill of Sale from the seller is to prevent the seller from later claiming that the seller owns the assets listed on the Bill of Sale document. Essentially the Bill of Sale is a receipt or a written record of the purchase and payment of the purchase price similar in nature to the sales receipt you receive from the cash register at the time you purchase an item at a retail or convenience store.

The Bill of Sale is similar to a “sales receipt” however it may also contain additional legal terms regarding the purchase and sale. The document will serve as proof of the purchase and sale of specified items listed on the Bill of Sale.

Other provisions that you may wish to have in a Bill of Sale include terms dealing with such matters as the condition of the equipment (eg. “subject to being able to obtain financing”), and other provisions such as a “warranty” by the seller that the seller is the legal owner of the equipment being sold and the items are in good and working order. In the event that someone else claims they are the legal owners of the equipment, the “warranty” provisions in the Bill of Sale would give the purchaser some legal rights to make a claim against the seller. In the even that the item is damaged or doesn’t not work as claimed, the “warranty” provisions would also provide some legal rights for the purchaser.

It is important to note that receiving a Bill of Sale from the seller is not a guarantee that the seller is in fact the legal owner of the items listed on the Bill of Sale. Technically, one cannot sell what they do not own. By extension, when someone purchases something they only acquire the legal rights in the items to the same extent that the seller possesses. As such, if the seller is not really the legal owner of the items, then the seller has no legal rights of ownership, and therefore the purchaser acquires no legal rights of ownership in the items on completion of the purchase. For example, the items purportedly being sold by the seller may actually be items that the seller has does not legally own but has only leased from a supplier and not actually purchased them. An example of such a situation is someone trying to sell a photocopier that is actually only leased. In such a case, the seller does not actually own the photocopier and does not have the legal right to sell it, even though the seller may be physically in possession of the photocopier. As such one must be careful when purchasing used items or items from someone other than the manufacturer or a retailer or a distributor. If the purchaser is buying new goods from a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor then usually there is an acceptable risk that the seller is not the legal owner of the items and the purchaser can be relatively confident that they are purchasing the items from the true owner of the items.

If the items listed on the Bill of Sale are either used items or are new items but are being sold by someone other than the original manufacturer, retailer or distributor of the items, there is a risk that the items may be actually legally owned by someone other than the seller and in such a case the true legal owner has the legal right to recover the items from the purchaser notwithstanding that the purchaser paid for the items and has a Bill of Sale from the seller. As such, if the purchaser is not careful, the purchaser may find itself paying for items but not actually acquiring ownership of them.. In such a case, all is not lost for the purchaser because the Bill of Sale may be used by the purchaser in a lawsuit by the purchaser against the seller to claim monetary losses incurred by the purchaser for breach of contract, specifically breach of “warranty” (provided that the Bill of Sale is written properly. In order for the purchaser to avoid the above situation and to be protected as much as possible, it is important that when using a Bill of Sale the purchaser also examine other documents that are in the possession of the seller so that the purchaser can satisfy itself that the seller is in fact the true owner of the items being sold. For example, in the case of used goods, the Purchaser should ask the Seller to provide a copy of the original purchase order showing where the Seller originally purchased the items. If the Seller is unable to provide any documentation, then the Purchaser needs to be careful in proceeding forward. The purchaser may also wish to do a search in the local government office for any liens that have been registered against the items being sold or the seller.

The use of various legal forms are useful for transactions and can be found online. Sample Bill of Sale documents can be found online. Please note that the information in this article is for discussion purposes only and not intended to be free legal advice. It is by no means legal advice or even a statement of the law on this subject. Please do not rely on the accuracy or completeness of this information. Any question or concern elicited by the information on this page should be taken to a lawyer who will consider the facts of each case and the legal remedies available.

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Free Printable Notarized Bill of Sale Form

Free Printable Notarized Bill of Sale TemplateBill of Sale Form is essential for any types of sales transactions. If you are selling goods, properties or any articles, you would require bill of sale, to make it legally binding on both the buyer and seller. Verbally made agreements may be forgotten in future and may create disputes, regarding terms conditions or duties and responsibilities of the buyer and seller.

If you are a businessman and selling goods to the buyer, then it is very essential to enter into written agreement. Such agreement is also proof of sale and payment received for the goods sold. This Sale Bill can also be produced in the court of law to settle any disputes.

The sale bill also protects the right of both buyer and seller for any breach of the contract. For example, the buyer and seller enter into agreement, where the seller agrees that the purchased goods would be delivered to the buyer, within 10 days of the order placed. The clause in the agreement also stipulates that, if the goods are not delivered within stipulated time then, the buyer has right to take the delivery of the goods. Now, if the seller fails to supply the material within 10 days, then buyer can refuse to accept the goods. The seller is also bound by the agreement clause and can not force the buyer to accept the delivery.

Bill of Sale Form clauses and Provisions

•Contact details of the seller and buyer
•Date and location of the agreement
•Mode of Payments
•Type of Goods sold
•Terms and Conditions
•Penalties for the breach of contract.
•Termination clause
•Mode and time of Delivery
•The value of the goods
•Location of goods or property
•Signature of both parties

If you are selling any goods to the buyer, you can download Bill of Sale Form at the bellow of this page and print it. The agreement can also be notarized for public recordings.

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Free Printable Bill of Sale Idaho Template

Free Printable Bill of Sale Idaho TemplateThe Bill of Sale is a legally drafted document prepared by a seller for the purchaser stating that the seller will be selling a specific item or property which they lawfully own, on a particular date and at a specified location for a certain sum of money. It is a document written with the intention of attesting that there is to be a transfer of goods, business or other possessions to the buyer. It proves that the buyer has taken possession of the goods or other possessions and is now the rightful owner of the specified goods and contains all the details of what has been bought. A bill of sale may include the agreed to terms and conditions that includes the date of transfer of goods, price and the time of payment as well as all other provisions.

A bill of sale is the document which allows personal property to be transferred from the seller to the buyer. It is an agreement that is under seal and is considered by law to be an agreement which conveys title from the seller to the buyer. The bill of sale is used to transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer is a fundamental agreement to the sale as well as a receipt of the sale. To correctly use this form, it is necessary to first obtain the payment either in cash, bank draft, Promissory Note or by certified check prior to giving the bill of sale to the buyer. The bill of sale can be utilized for any item that has value.

The seller shall give warranty that he or she has lawful ownership rights to the goods being sold and has complete authority to sell and convey title to the buyer. Furthermore, the goods are being sold without any other encumbrances or liabilities or other undesirable claims on it.

Typically, a this form will have the names and addresses of the seller and buyer. The bill of sale will state that the seller undertakes to sell to the buyer goods as laid down in the document. The purchase price shall be set out in the bill of sale as well as the mode of payment, which may state a down payment as well as when the balance is to be paid over time. The seller shall state the condition of the goods being sold and shall also specify any defects that may exist in those goods so that the purchaser is fully aware of what condition the goods are in while purchasing them.

The manner in which the goods are to be delivered to the purchaser shall also be specified in the bill of sales. This may include that the buyer is to take immediate delivery of goods or that he will take all responsibility to pick up the goods or even that for an additional delivery charge, and whether the goods shall be delivered to him within a specified time and at a given location by the seller. Finally, the seller and buyer shall sign and date the document.

The Bill of Sale is an easy document to fill out and with low cost pre-defined forms being available, it is very simple and effortless in purchasing one from a vendor and filling out all the necessary information rather than going through a more expensive and time consuming exercise of drafting one from scratch.

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Free Printable Bill of Sale Oregon Template

Free Printable Bill of Sale Oregon TemplateThe automobile has not merely taken over the street; it has been dissolved in every inch of our culture. We Americans are totally passionate about our cars. It has totally become a part of our life, a part of our own self.

If you don’t own a car, you haven’t experienced the joy and thrill associated with it. Just holding the steering gives a great adrenaline rush. If you want to buy a car in Oregon, there are plenty of options.

Don’t restrict yourself to new cars. Pre-owned cars can also serve your purpose. Don’t worry about buying a lemon. Oregon DMV now requires the manufacturer to add “Lemon Law Buyback” to the title. So, by looking at the title you will be able to learn about the car’s history.

There is another incentive for buying a used car. As the year is approaching its end, dealers would be more interested in achieving their sales target. It is the right time to buy a used car. You will get several discounts and incentives.

Information Leads to Perfection

You must remember that buying a car is a major decision. Even if you buy a used car, it will be with you for at least 2-3 years. So, it is important that you take time to think about it. You can take a well thought decision only after knowing everything about buying a used car in the Beaver State.

This article will take you through the entire process of buying a used car. Right from budget and finance to registration with the Oregon DMV, you will understand everything. So, let’s start with it.

Money – Wise

When it comes to money, it is important that you stay on top of things. First of all, think how much money you can spend on the car. Well, there are used car loans but hardly anyone will offer you money for paying registration fees and insurance. All the collateral expenses will be borne by you. Make arrangements for it and make regular loan payments.

Needs Are the Basic Drive for Car Purchase

The basic work of your car is to take you places. It is important that it does its work effectively. If you live in the hilly region of Cascades, then you definitely need a sturdy SUV. If your home is near the windswept Pacific region, then almost any car would be fine for you. Not only geography, but it is essential that you consider your needs. If you are student, it is important that you consider a low maintenance car. If you have to travel long distances every day, a fuel- efficient car is required.

Efforts in Gaining Knowledge Is Never Wasted

A well – prepared customer wins half the battle. If the seller knows that you are unaware of car buying concepts, he’ll take you for a ride (a ride which will definitely include exorbitant prices).

If you want to buy an electric car model, Electrifying Times is an information magazine published in Oregon. Sports Car Market is another magazine in Oregon. You must also take opinion from your family and friends. If you are lucky, you may end up buying a good car from your cousin.

Choosing Your Car – Let your mind do the work

Once you get knowledge about cars, it’s time to get out and play your game. Dealers are interested in making profit. So, it is essential that you play your cards right. This is the time to make a rational decision. Let emotions take the back seat.

On the basis of your needs, choose your car. You must never narrow down your search to one. Keep your options open.

Make a choice of 3 or 4 of your favorites cars. Get VIN of each car to know the car history. Avoid car with a salvage title or several accidents.

You must ask your trusted mechanic to inspect the vehicles. Ask him to check for any signs of water and rust. If any vehicle is flooded, it will have moisture in the headlight/ tail-light compartment or the engine will be rusted.

Once the mechanic Okays the cars, test drive is essential. You get the best idea when you use it. Pay attention to the car’s steering ability and acceleration.

After test driving the cars, you will be able to select the best one. After you make a choice, it’s time for registration.

Title and Registration

A dealer in Oregon does the work of submitting title and registration. If you bought your car through a private party, you will have to undertake the process. In any case, knowing the process can make things easier for you.

If you are buying a used car, you must get the car title from the seller. Ask the previous owner to release his interest in car by signing the reverse side of the title. The seller will write your name and address, date of sale, sales price on it. Ensure that the information is accurate.

He will also have to sign the Bill of Sale (Form 735-501). It is mandatory for the seller to notify the DMV about the sale within 10 days from the date of sale. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to apply for a title within 30 days of purchase. If you don’t do so, you will be charged a late title transfer fee. The fee is $ 25 (31- 60 days). After 60 days, you will be charged $ 50.

See that the Lien Release (Form 735-524) form is duly filled.

After you receive these documents from the seller, you will have to fill the Application for Title and Registration (Form 735-226). If you are renewing your old license plates, give insurance information. The title fees are $77. It is important to carry cash or check as DMV doesn’t accept debit or credit cards.

There are some conditions if you are renewing your license plates and you live in Portland or Rogue Valley (Medford) area, or if you are trying to register a car with no Oregon registration. It is essential that you pass Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) inspection. The requirement is as follows:

1. Portland – 1975 models and newer require testing
2. Medford – 20 years old and newer models must be tested.

You will have to undergo the tests even if your vehicle runs on alternative fuels and hybrids. If you decide on choosing a specialty plate, you will have to mention the name in the “Remarks” section.

If you want to transfer the old plates, you can do that. Your license plate should be one that the DMV still issues. Also, it can be transferred to same vehicle type only. The State DMV charges $6 as transfer fee.

Once the DMV headquarters receive your applications and documents, your plates will be mailed to you in 5-10 business days. You will receive car title in about three to five weeks.

So, that’s how you can go from walking on two to cruising on four. Buying a car in Oregon is simple and easy.

So, when are you going to change from tiring walks to comfortable cars?

All the best for change!

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Free Printable Bill of Sale Utah

Free Printable Bill of Sale Utah TemplateThese car bill of sale printable templates are available for all states including Kansas, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Louisiana, Illinois, Colorado, Tennessee, Arkansas, California and Utah etc. Having this contract in writing may allow you to avoid a potential lawsuit for breach of an oral agreement, as long as all the terms between the Seller and the Buyer are written down and signed by both parties.

Well, if any problem arises later, the document will help the seller or the buyer to prove their case. In addition, a car bill of sale printable serves as proof the buyer really bought the car and owns it. the document is what you need for accounting and tax purposes.

Sample examples of assets for which the bill of sale document can be used include the sale of automotive assets such as a used car, motor vehicle and motorcycle. This bill of sale is needed to complete the buy and sale transactions at the DMV. As well, it can be used for a mobile home, trailer, horse, watercraft, firearm and any general business sale. The bill of sale is binding written contract needed for a sale transaction. It is in a simple format that is user friendly.

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