Free Printable High School Resume for College

What Is A High School Resume?

Free Printable High School Resume Template for CollegeResumes are mainly used to apply for jobs but that is not what a high school version is used for. This kind of document, increasingly a key part of your college application package, helps the admissions officers at colleges and universities understand you and what you have to offer in addition to your good grades and SAT scores. Learn the difference between writing a resume for college and writing one to apply for a job. Once you master the special kind of resume, you will have a better chance of getting an admissions offer from the college or university of your choice.

Why Does A High School Resume Matter For College Admissions?

Universities and colleges ask for high school resumes for various reasons. For programs with an artistic emphasis like acting, dance or creative writing, a resume can show what you achieved creatively outside of the classroom. Other colleges ask for a secondary school resume because they want to encourage a thriving student body with a variety of interests, skills and hobbies. Even though a resume follows a certain form, it does let applicants tell admissions officers about themselves and helps them before more than a combination of GPA and SAT numbers.

What Should You Include In Your High School Resume

Before you write high school CV and send it off to the college of your dreams, check to see each college’s requirements first. Some programs will limit you to one page while others want you to comment on specific abilities such as leadership and community service. Failing to look up and follow the instructions of college admissions staff will undermine your chances of admission. If the college or university provides no guidance or assistance, here are some general ideas on what to include and what not to include.

High School Resume Do’s

1. DO mention community service particularly if you played a major role (e.g. led an Amnesty International club).
2. DO list any languages you know (e.g. Spanish, Chinese, German) especially if your transcript does not show your knowledge of these languages.
3. DO discuss your involvement in high school activities like band or the yearbook club.
4. DO proofread your resume and ask a friend to look it over before you submit it.
5. DO limit yourself to a maximum of two pages.

High School Resume Don’t

1. DON’T list every single part-time and contract job you have ever held.
2. DON’T make up facts or write anything dishonest on your secondary school resume.
3. DON’T write in long paragraphs; resumes should use bullet points.
4. DON’T include a list of all the classes you have ever taken; other parts of your college application should cover that.

These DO’s and DON’t of writing a resume for college admissions will help get you started. If you need further help and examples, ask your guidance counselor, a teacher or somebody you know in college.

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Simple Resume for Graduate School

Free Printable Resume Template for Graduate SchoolGetting into graduate school can be a difficult feat to accomplish for many, especially those who are in very competitive fields. Many graduate schools not only turn a lot of people away each year, but some have very low acceptance rates to begin with. This means that you have to work extra hard preparing and writing your school resume as well as do everything possible to prepare for during your undergraduate years.

Completing the Application Portion:

The first step to preparing to apply for graduate school is filling out the application, which is standard at nearly all schools. This applications are pretty standard form, requesting that you document such things as your work history, relevant college classes to the graduate program, and any extracurricular activities you took on while in college getting your bachelors degree. During this portion of your application, you need to make sure that you exhaust all options for listing important undergraduate experiences you’ve had. Mission trips to a foreign country, research experience for scientist school candidates, and unpaid work experience related to your chosen field of study are all great items to list on your application.

Writing the Essay:

Of prime importance to a graduate school resume and application is the essay portion of the application. The essay portion is your chance to distinguish yourself from all the other applicants. Even though all the other applicants will be writing about why they should be chosen for acceptance, this is your chance to do something different and impress the school counselors.

The introduction of your graduate school resume essay should introduce yourself, but it should be interesting for admissions counselors to read. Consider using a famous quote from a person or a movie, explaining how the quote relates to your personal life or how it relates to your interest in the program to which you’re applying.

Throughout the rest of the essay, you should point out strong characteristics which make you suitable for the program, focusing on those which are most relevant to your major. Writing about a major experience in your life which made you change a point-of-view, or writing about how you’ve been influenced by a person in your life, are two examples which you can include in your essay. End the graduate school essay with a strong, persuasive conclusion.

Letters of Reference:

Perhaps one of the most important parts of completing your school resume is the letters of reference. Most graduate schools require two to three letters of recommendation that you must get from college professors, managers at work, or others who know about your professional or college-work habits. If you’re an undergraduate student, you may be troubled at where you’ll find these important references. However, if you’re attending a typical bachelor degree program then chances are that you’ve had a chance to interact in-depth with college professors during your capstone courses these professors make excellent graduate school references.

Completing your graduate school resume thoroughly is of utmost importance to gaining entry into any program. By crafting an excellent graduate essay in addition to your all-important letters of recommendation, getting into school should be that much easier!

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College Student Resume Examples for Internships

Free Printable College Student Resume Template for Internships in WordIt’s exciting and scary at the same time. If you’re creating your first resume, it probably means that you’re finishing up your education and ready to enter the “real world.” It’s natural to feel some anxiety about putting together a resume; after all, the only job experience you may have is at your local pizza joint. But by following the tips below, you can produce a post-college resume that gets results.

  • Include an objective. One of the most common complaints hiring managers have about entry-level resumes is the absence of an objective. An objective tells potential employers which job you’re after, and it’s especially crucial on a student resume because students typically lack the real-world job experience that can point HR in the right direction. Know this: employers aren’t going to take the time to figure out what your goal is. So, right at the top underneath your name and contact information, include your objective. Make sure it conveys what you plan to bring to the company, rather than the other way around. “Objective: To secure an entry-level reporter job where I can use my writing skills to enhance the Daily Star” is much better than “Objective: To secure a challenging and rewarding reporting job.”
  • Determine a focus. Unlike professionals who’ve been climbing the corporate ladder for a few years, you probably don’t have a lot of relevant work experience under your belt. So while more experienced workers might start a resume with a work history section, you need an alternative, and it’s likely to be one of these three: academic achievement and honors, academics plus volunteerism and extra-curricular leadership, or a type of work history that highlights an applicable internship. Only you know which area is your strongest. Start there.
  • Don’t embellish. Some recent grads are tempted to fudge the truth a bit in order to make their resumes stand out-perhaps “improve” some duties or the title you held at a part-time job. Don’t. Sure, you want to put the best spin on your experience and communicate the skills that you’ve gleaned, but outright lying on a resume will get you fired if you’re ever found out.
  • Keep it short. Similar to the “not enough” fear that drives people to embellish their resumes is the temptation to add fluff to a resume in order to make it longer and, presumably, more impressive. The truth is that employers see tons of resumes every day and are adept at sniffing out the fluff. Stick to applicable skills, experiences, and honors. And unless you’ve had quite a college career, most student resumes should be only one page.
  • Highlight your tech savviness. No matter your field of interest, you can’t go wrong by drawing attention to your knowledge of everything technology and computer related. Be sure to include on your resume the programs you’ve used, programming experience, and any other technologies that you’re familiar with (gaming consoles don’t count). One of the huge benefits of being right out of college is that you probably have computer skills that outpace more experienced professionals.
  • Proof and proof some more. When your experience is thin, the last thing you want is to blow your chances because of spelling or grammar errors. You want to do everything you can to demonstrate your professionalism, and misspelling (or misusing) words won’t help. Ask your parents, a friend who aced English class, or even a professor to look over your resume.
  • Ask for help. Most colleges and universities have a career center that can assist you in putting together an entry-level resume. It’s easiest to take advantage of these services while you’re still on campus, though most schools allow alums to use the career center. If you really want a slam-dunk resume, plan ahead and sign up for a Professional Writing course during your senior year. These classes are designed to help students master the fine art of corporate communication-including resume writing.

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Free Printable Bill of Sale Dirt Bike Template

Free Printable Dirt Bike Bill of Sale Template in WordHey guys, if you know what bike you want to get but are not sure how or where to buy one, then pay attention to this. If you don’t know what bike to get, go check out my other post titled, “What Dirt Bike Should I Buy?”

Whether you don’t know where to find dirt bikes for sale, or if you what to do after you find one I will tell you how to do both and more. Although buying a bike may sound as simple as finding the right one and going to picking it up, the finding may not be as easy as you think, especially if you want a particular bike or deal on it.

There are many places you can find bikes for sale, including: eBay, classifieds, online stores, sitting in someones yard, and many more. But, the most common and best place to look for most areas of where you live is If you haven’t heard of it, it is a very simple to use and free classifieds for pretty much anything. Just click on the “motorcycle” link.

Once you find the one that you want, the first thing you should do is contact the person who is selling the bike; preferably using a phone, but if they don’t have one then use email. Once you talk about the bike and find out what you want to know and if you still want it then ask when you can go look at it. If you to look at the bike and decide that you want it then make an offer if you haven’t already, an if he takes it then you got yourself a bike! Make sure that you get a bill of sale/receipt and the title for the bike if the person has it.

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Free Printable Bill of Sale MVA Form

Free Printable Bill of Sale MVA Template in PDFA lawful document that is created when you transfer or sell the possession of items like a boat, car, computer, furniture or any such personal possessions to another person is called a “Bill of Sale.” The person selling the product is called a seller or vendor, and the one who buys it is called a purchaser. A Bill of Sale may also be created when there is a sale or purchase of intellectual property, like a website or a list of clients. Typically, the Bill of Sale is given by the owner to the buyer, and it usually contains:

The names of the seller and the buyer
The price paid for the item and the mode of payment
The details of item/s getting sold

The document may have a lawful terminology, depending on how complex the transaction is.

When you buy a business along with the associated effects, like machinery, or office equipment, such as chairs, computers and supplies etc, the seller is expected to give you a Bill of Sale agreement. An important reason for a buyer to get a Bill of Sale is to stop the seller from claiming that he is the owner of the assets contained in the Bill of Sale. Basically, a Bill of Sale is a written confirmation of the conclusion of a deal between two parties. It’s quite like the sales receipt you get from any retail or department store after you have paid for the items bought by you. It confirms that you bought certain products and paid for them, and thus the deal is complete.

A Bill of Sale is quite like a “sales receipt,” though it may contain further legal terms concerning the deal. The document goes to confirm the sale and purchase of the items specified in it.

You can also add other terms and conditions in the Bill of Sale. For instance, you could mention the state of the goods being sold, meaning in working order or otherwise. It could also include a warranty of the product, as defined by the seller. If, at any time, the seller comes back to claim the possession of the goods already sold, the Bill of Sale would be used by the buyer to establish his legal rights as to the owner of the items. Likewise, if the goods are damaged or do not work as per the warranty provided by the seller, the buyer can claim compensation.

It is worthwhile to point out that getting a Bill of Sale from any vendor does not certify that the vendor is the lawful owner of the items in discussion. In principle, a seller has no right to sell any items not owned by him. It implies that, when buying an item, you just get the legal rights of the item to the extent that the seller has had.

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Free Printable Bill of Sale California Form

Free Printable Bill of Sale California Template in PDFEnsuring your vehicle bill of sale successfully conforms to your needs and California DMV requirements can be overwhelming. Follow these 5 steps, and you’ll be well on your way to successfully drafting your own document.

1. It’s in the Details

The first step to writing a good agreement is to detail all relevant information.

Beginning with the parties to the sale, you need to include contact information (i.e., name, address and phone number). Keep in mind, if more than one person is listed on the certificate of title as the owner to the vehicle, you should include contact information for all selling parties. Similarly, if more than one person is purchasing the vehicle, you will need to detail the contact information for all buying parties.

Next, you need to describe the vehicle in detail. Information such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), license plate number, make (e.g., Toyota, Ford), model (e.g., Prius, Taurus), body-type (e.g., 4 door sedan) and year should be included.

2. Financial Safety

After your document details buyer and seller information and information about the vehicle, your next step is to detail information about the payment method.

First, you should include the exact amount of money the parties agree on.

Second, you should include the date of sale. Remember this document acts as a receipt to the sale, so the date is important. Documenting the date of sale is also important because the California DMV requires both buyer and seller to transfer title of the vehicle within a certain number of days after the date of sale.

Third, you should detail payment method. This provision serves to protect the seller. Your document should detail if the parties use cash, check, money order, escrow services, etc.

3. Personal Safety

When buying or selling a vehicle from an unknown party, you need to be careful of your personal safety. For that reason, your document needs to specify where the transaction will take place. Generally, a safe place that will also serve well for the money transfer is the buyer or seller’s bank. If the other party tries to change the delivery location, you should be careful.

4. Responsibilities

In free versions you find online, you probably won’t find one detailed enough to include the responsibilities of the parties. Detailing responsibilities decreases the chance of conflict because it commits to writing every step of the transfer. Notably, there are a number of California DMV requirements that should be mentioned in your document.

Your document should address issues such as the DMV requirement for smog certification; DMV requirement for odometer disclosures; DMV required transfer fee; and use tax; and, what documents are required for the transfer.

Your document should clearly explain which party is responsible for completing which of the above-mentioned requirements. For example, California regulations specify that the buyer is responsible for the transfer fee and use tax. The terms of your bill of sale should reflect that.

5. Liability

One of the most important aspects of your California Vehicle Bill of Sale is liability. The California DMV actually provides a basic version for free on its website; however, it does not make the sale “AS-IS.”

Whether you are buying or selling, you need to make it clear what your liability is, so be sure to specify whether the sale is “AS-IS” (the buyer assumes all responsibly for the car including any and all future repairs); or, alternatively, whether you are attaching a limited warranty to the sale.

Good luck with your contract drafting!

pdf - Free Printable Bill of Sale California Form   Free Printable Bill of Sale California Template in PDF – download

How to Write a Bill of Sale

How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Used Car

Free Printable Car Bill of Sale Template in WordThe car bill of sale form is used to transfer the ownership of a car from a seller to a buyer. The pros and cons of writing an auto bill of sale versus buying a state specific, professionally drafted one online for less than ten dollars. As most written bill of sale do not include an ‘Odometer Disclosure’ form as required by federal law, this creates headaches down the line for both the seller and buyer as discussed later on.

How to write a bill of sale for a used car and pitfalls to avoid

This applies to a used car that is sold ‘as is’ without warranty.

First is to include that State and County where the car is being sold.
Second is to include the seller’s and buyer’s names and addresses.
The sale and transfer clause should include the amount both written and numerical and the car details as follows: make, model, body type, year, and vehicle identification no. (VIN)
A warranty of ownership clause
A disclaimer of other warranties clause
Additional terms of sale if any.
Names and signature of both parties.
Date of the agreement.

What are the pitfalls and how to avoid them?

Written bill of sale documents and free ones downloaded online almost always contain errors and are incomplete. Further they almost never include the ‘Odometer Disclosure’ form as required by federal law. These colossal mistakes usually result in the following common scenarios:

The buyer alters the odometer reading sometime in the future and sells the car to obtain a better price. The new buyer discovers this and it is now impossible to ascertain if this illegal change was done by the original seller or the initial buyer. Rolling back the odometer is a federal crime.
The buyer is not satisfied with the car or encounter problems with it in the future. Failure to include a proper ‘disclaimer of other warranties clause’ may have the seller liable in a court of law.

Outlined above are common scenarios only as it is impossible to include every scenario.

How to avoid the pitfalls?

These pitfalls can be easily avoided by obtaining a proper, professionally drafted auto bill of sale for less than ten dollars that also includes the ‘Odometer Disclosure’ form as required by federal law. Spending a few bucks now would save both the seller and buyer money and headache in the future.

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Sample Resume for Students

Free Printable Resume Template for Students in WordCongratulations, you have endured the four years of high school and are now ready to matriculate on to the university of your choice. Having completed all of the paperwork including application, recommendation letters and scholarship forms, you are confident in both your school of choice and field of study. There is one thing that you might consider however, and that is probably your first attempt at a resume. This might seem to be an odd time for this type of document, but when you consider what it actually accomplishes, there is no better time than now to get practiced in crafting this one page paper.

The Resume is an introductory sales page describing a product which happens just so happens to be you. It serves as a condensed way of stating all of your positives to somebody who doesn’t know you and hasn’t met you. By demonstrating knowledge of this process early, you are getting the jump on at least 75% of the other freshmen who have enrolled along with you. This is looked upon very favorably by the majority of the acceptance team, especially if you have enclosed a resume along with all of your other materials. If not, one could always be sent under separate cover along with a brief cover letter stating your obvious penchant for the school.

Another way this could be useful is to present the document to faculty and staff in the selected field of study. By showing professors a resume, it indicates to them that you are serious about your college classes and want to make a good impression on the instructors. They will remember this and you will probably get preferential treatment when it comes to projects or recommendation letters for a job. It’s a good practice to select a knowledgeable professor and “hitch your star” to them. They can open several doors that might otherwise be a barrier in your job pursuit.

So consider writing that resume for college. Although it may take some additional time, in the long run there are only positives that come along with this document and your career is most likely to be assisted.

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Sample Resume for High School Student

Free Printable Resume Template for High School Student in WordOne might assume that high school students could simply fill out applications when seeking employment. While most companies do require the completion of an application in accordance with their business policies, a document that cut and dried will do little to open doors for young people competing in an ever-dwindling job market. By contrast, well-prepared high school student resumes indicate a level of maturity and accomplishment that one’s peers cannot convey solely through a formal application for employment.

High school student resumes should reflect part-time or summer employment, written succinctly, compellingly, and honestly. No employer will believe inflated achievements, so if you are preparing a high school student resume, speak of accomplishments in terms of team efforts and contributions. Include hard data, if possible (i.e., Contributed to a 6% increase in sales volume during the summer of 2008).

Designate education, of course, including the name and location of the school, the general curriculum (Academic/College Track or Business Track), and your grade average. List academic achievements as well, including scholarships, if applicable. If you will be progressing on to college and have been accepted into a specific institution, indicate so on your resume, including your projected date of graduation, your anticipated degree (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts) and your major, if you have chosen one.

When an applicant is of high school age, employers often want to know, via high school student resumes, what the student has done beyond the classroom. Extracurricular activities, including positions played on specific sports teams and/or memberships in various clubs should be listed, along with the relevant dates of participation. Community service activities are also advantageous to include, as they denote a team spirit and a willingness to extend yourself for others: a trait that will translate as “going the extra yard” to the potential employer.

Finally, be sure to include keywords throughout the resume. High school student resumes lend themselves particularly well to the inclusion of keywords, which can appear in bulleted, summary form.

Take these extra steps in preparing your resume, and you will assuredly improve your chances of meeting hiring managers face to face and increasing your opportunities to secure gainful employment.

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Simple Resume for College Application

Free Printable Resume Template for College Application in WordResume for college application is not something you just wake up in the morning and decide to do while you’re finishing up your college education. If you are close to your graduation date then you have probably been advised to start preparing your resume for when you do graduate and begin your job search.

If you have had several jobs during your college career then you may want to opt for the chronological format as it lists your jobs and experience in order by date. If you have had no employment during your college career then you may want to use the functional format as it highlights your skills and education. If you have had some work experience and also been active in your college career in clubs and activities, or other groups, then the combination format would be your best choice as it offers the best of both the chronological and the functional formats because it highlights both your skills and your employment history.

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