Free Printable Bill of Sale Vermont Template

Free Printable Bill of Sale Vermont in PDFYou can prepare a customized bill of sale in five minutes. Learn how to do it properly and how to avoid common pitfalls. A bill of sale form is used to transfer the ownership from a seller to a buyer. The four main bill of sale forms are for: auto, boat, personal property and business. In the event the buyer is unsatisfied with their purchase as they may deem that what they received was not as described. A proper bill of sale including the condition of the item being sold thus resolving such issues. Using an improper form that does not detail important information. This causes that buyer issues down the road when attempting to resell what was bought. As an incomplete form may lack a vehicle VIN number or boat identification Hull number. The seller also needs to protect themselves as exemplified here. When selling a car, it is important to include the “Odometer Disclosure Statement”. This provides the seller legal protection in case the buyer alters the odometer in the future when reselling to obtain a better price. In such a case, it is impossible to ascertain who changed the odometer reading. The seller by using a proper form protect themselves from dealing with such possibilities.

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Free Blank ATV Bill of Sale Template

Free Printable ATV Bill of Sale Template in WordNot everyone can drop down the thousands of dollars for a brand new ATV with all of the latest features. For many people the only options of jumping into the exciting sport of riding ATV’s is buying second hand. There is nothing wrong with buying second hand, every year millions of used cars, motorcycles and ATV’s are bought by people like you and I. There are some simple things that you need to know and what to look for before you decide on a used ATV. Before you begin your hunt of a new ATV you will want to identify whether you want your vehicle for leisure off roading, motocross racing, or as a utility vehicle for your ranch.

The best place to start but unfortunately the last place in peoples mind is your local dealership. Who better to know about people who are looking to trade their old ATV in for a brand new model, than the Honda or Yamaha dealership. Another use for your local dealership is to shop for a ATV that will fit your style, sit on a few, ask some questions before you come to a decision on the type of ATV you want before looking through your classifieds.

After collecting all of the data that you need to make an informed purchase, you can begin your search. Like I said before start with your dealer, local riding clubs or organizations are also a good place to look for people wanting to get rid of their old machine. Check on the Internet for ATV’s for sale, Craigslist is an invaluable resource. In my honest opinion, I would save classifieds to my last choice.

Once you locate an ATV that you are interested in it is important to do a thorough inspection. A quick visual appearance will give you an idea of how the previous owner treated the ATV. Next you will want to dig deeper and unless you are a experienced mechanic, bring in a professional to check it out mechanically. Check out the undercarriage, and frame to make sure there are no cracks or dents in the frame. Check out the handlebars for any loose play in the steering. Inspect the tires, loose wheels could indicate damaged ball joints or worn wheel bearings.

While you are involved in your mechanical check, inspect the owners manual to see if scheduled maintenance has been performed. You will need to ensure that the owner has a free and clear title, and it is a good idea to have a VIN (vehicle Identification Number) inspection done. Make sure you get a bill of sale to protect both seller and buyer.

Always keep in mind that when buying a used ATV you are buying as is. This means that after the purchase is completed that the old owner is not responsible for any problems that might arise. By doing a detailed inspection of the things that I have mentioned in this article you can be more at ease in your purchasing decisions.

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Free Sample Washington Bill of Sale Template

Free Printable Washington Bill of Sale Template in WordIf you are expecting buying or selling a used vehicle you really should document the sale with a bill of sale form. It provides securities to both the buyer and the seller. A bill of sale is a document that records the transfer of a title, rights, or interest of any vehicle to the buyer from the seller. Basically it is a “sales receipt” that contains specific information about the vehicle, and both the parties entering the sales agreement. For used vehicles this form will be a lot of help in the selling process. Most high quality forms are customizable, simple, and easy to use. I keep one on hand just if I need one to cover a purchase or sale. They cover all the critical legal terms and conditions that need to be included in the sale. A document template will help you in writing the description, price, condition, method of purchase, any warranty, and the date of transaction. You must have the document signed by both parties and dated so that you have a reference for a dispute.

For the seller of the car the bill of sale form gives them documentation of the fact that the buyer is now responsible for the car, and the title has been legally handed over to the buyer. A recorded document protects both buyer and seller from later disagreements. For example when a simple document is made for the sale of a car, the phrase “as is” is most often noted.

Also for those buying a used car documenting the purchase in the sales bill is also very important because it certifies the transaction and gives evidence of the purchase. A sales bill may also serve as one document that shows the buyers proof of ownership when trying to get insurance.

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Free Downloadable Template of Resume for Part Time Job

Free Printable Resume Template for Part Time Job in WordTeenagers want to become independent and earn their own money so that they can spend it according to their own wishes. This is why part time jobs have become very popular among college students.

You can see lots of college undergraduates working in burger shops, local stores or coffee shops. Yet, most of these retail jobs involve long and sometimes unsociable hours. However there are jobs which can develop your mind and which can be included in your resume, as relevant experience. Here are a few jobs that are suitable for college students.

You can easily find a part time job suitable for your intellectual aspirations, if you are willing to search for one. The advantages of going for one of these part time jobs are sufficient to convince almost all college students to choose a job like this. If you are interested in getting a job which will offer you the opportunity to learn more while being paid, then one of the part time jobs above might be suitable for you.

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Free Editable High School Graduate Resume Template

Free Printable High School Graduate Resume Template in WordAn economy in the ditch is tough on all job seekers, but particularly so on new college graduates. New grads likely went into their 2-4 year programs on the wings of an expanding economy. Most are now falling fast as the economy has retrenched and jobs hard to come by for those with little to no practical experience in their chosen fields. But there are jobs out there, albeit few. And they will go to somebody. To make sure you’re one of those somebodies, begin by making your new graduate resume the best it can be.

As a new graduate, you have some things going for you. You have a good academic foundation in your selected profession, you’ve demonstrated the fact that you’re trainable, and odds are you’re more technologically savvy than members of the previous generation. And you’ve got a fresh perspective and a can-do attitude (in other words, you haven’t yet been crushed under the jackboot of cynicism and apathy).

Make sure your resume looks equally good, and get yourself out there.

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Sample High School Resume

Free Sample High School Resume Template in WordAfter writing a first draft of your high school resume, put it aside for a day or two. It is good to take a break from looking at your resume, since after a while, everything looks correct even when it is not. Use the following checklist as a guide to proofread your resume.

  • Double check all the spelling and grammar. A quick proofreading trick is to read the resume backwards word for word. It is easy to catch spelling errors this way. Employers will use your resume as a measure of the kind of work you will do if employed.
  • Verify that all the contact information is correct and current. If this information is not correct then the employer will not be able to get in touch with you. What is the point of sending out your resume if no one can connect with you for interviews?
  • Make sure the education section has your graduation date and current status. Employers need to know whether you are a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior. Share your graduation date if you have completed high school and keep education information in the top 30% of your resume.
  • Make sure achievements are included in your resume. Your resume is supposed to give employers some sense of the work you can do. Include achievements such as GPA, Honor Society membership or Who’s Who. Add achievements outside of the classroom as well. These give employers of your ability to do good work.
  • Do not include the names of your references in your high school resume. It is important that you contact the people who will give you a recommendation before listing their names on your resume. It is always good to have past employers and other professionals talk about your ability to do a good job.
  • Limit your high school resume to one page. There is really no need if you are a high school student or high school graduate to have a resume that is more than one page long. Keep in mind that only relevant information that shows your job and work skills are necessary.
  • Make sure you are consistent with formatting such as font size and type throughout your high school resume. You may use a larger size font for your name so that it stands out, but that is about all the difference that is necessary. Stick to more common font types like Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Garamond and Bookman. Keep bullets and general formatting consistent also.
  • Include volunteer work and community service work on your high school resume as well. Employers will evaluate you on the positive behaviors they can spot on your resume. The more examples you have of going above and beyond and being motivated is the more the employer will see you as a good fit for the job.
  • How about your interests and special skills that will be an advantage on the job? Include any leadership experience such as ROTC or Girl Scouts or special technical or language skills that will be valuable on the job.
  • Once you have gone through this checklist yourself take your resume to your high school career counseling office.

Your parents can help to proofread your high school resume as well. You can also submit your resume for a free resume critique to many professional resume writers online.

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High School Student Resume Examples

Free Printable High School Student Resume Template in WordOne might assume that high school students could simply fill out applications when seeking employment. While most companies do require the completion of an application in accordance with their business policies, a document that cut and dried will do little to open doors for young people competing in an ever-dwindling job market. By contrast, well-prepared high school student resumes indicate a level of maturity and accomplishment that one’s peers cannot convey solely through a formal application for employment.

High school student resumes should reflect part-time or summer employment, written succinctly, compellingly, and honestly. No employer will believe inflated achievements, so if you are preparing a high school student resume, speak of accomplishments in terms of team efforts and contributions. Include hard data, if possible (i.e., Contributed to a 6% increase in sales volume during the summer of 2008).

Designate education, of course, including the name and location of the school, the general curriculum (Academic/College Track or Business Track), and your grade average. List academic achievements as well, including scholarships, if applicable. If you will be progressing on to college and have been accepted into a specific institution, indicate so on your resume, including your projected date of graduation, your anticipated degree (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts) and your major, if you have chosen one.

When an applicant is of high school age, employers often want to know, via high school student resumes, what the student has done beyond the classroom. Extracurricular activities, including positions played on specific sports teams and/or memberships in various clubs should be listed, along with the relevant dates of participation. Community service activities are also advantageous to include, as they denote a team spirit and a willingness to extend yourself for others: a trait that will translate as “going the extra yard” to the potential employer.

Finally, be sure to include keywords throughout the resume. High school student resumes lend themselves particularly well to the inclusion of keywords, which can appear in bulleted, summary form.

Take these extra steps in preparing your resume, and you will assuredly improve your chances of meeting hiring managers face to face and increasing your opportunities to secure gainful employment.

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Free Printable Resume with No Work Experience

Free Printable Resume Template with No Work Experience in WordIf you don’t have any work experience, writing a resume might seem like an uphill struggle or maybe even a complete waste of time. After all, a resume is just a piece of paper with your work experience listed on, and so yours would be pretty empty, right?


Your resume is way more than just a list of work experience. That’s one small part of it. There’s also your personal section – contact details, career objective, personal statement (a brief bit about yourself and your personality and your hobbies); education; skills, qualifications and awards; referees and everything else.

With that said, having work experience is important and the work experience section of your resume is often the “meat” of the resume itself. So, what can you do if you don’t have any work experience?

1) Go out and get some. There are two main ways of doing this, and let me say this up front: they may not be glamorous or exciting, but sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do. OK.

First, take a job that you ordinarily might not because it’s too easy/boring, or you’re overqualified, or it doesn’t pay much. You might think you’re not getting anything out of the job, but in fact you are and it’s extremely valuable: work experience to go onto your resume! You’ve only got to stay in the job for 3 to 6 months, then you can leave and chalk it up.

Second, volunteer. This might mean you can get into more prestigious companies and do more of what you enjoy and ultimately want to end up doing, but obviously you don’t get paid. The upside is that a) you’ll get plenty of valuable experience, and b) many voluntary positions often end in actual job offers. Voluntary work can last for as little as 4 weeks, or much longer if you’re part time and have some other way of earning money to sustain yourself.

2) Take your hobbies and life experiences and derive skills relevant to the job from them. For example, imagine you’ve been an active member of the local neighbourhood watch and organised meetings, patrols, collected statements and so on. What you’ve been doing is real management of people and that counts as a skill you can include on your resume.

Think about the last few years of your life, and what you’ve been doing socially, part time, as a hobby or anything else in the evenings and so on. There must be some skills you have picked up that you can present on your resume.

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Free Printable Resume Examples for Students

Free Printable Resume Template for Students in WordWriting a resume for students can be simplified if you can figure out exactly what you plan to do with the next four years of your life. Some people have this all mapped out in their heads while others still don’t have a clue. Well, no matter what direction your life seems to be headed in at the moment, there is a resume out there with your name on it. You simply have to get organized and put all of your thoughts on paper. Every time that you think of something, jot it down. This process may take a week or a day, but get things down on paper.

This can include what your career goal is, some part time jobs that you have held or classes that you really enjoyed in high school. The college is most impressed with applicants who are able to express themselves both verbally and in written form. Sometimes, simple grade point average isn’t good enough to get you into a school. The University of Chicago for instance considers that only to be a part of the admission process.

They weigh extra curricular activities as a major part of the students application. They are looking for not only smart people but also well rounded young men and women. Having a life outside of school — especially with community involvement will certainly help your cause in any event. Make sure that you include all activities outside of the school in the very last part of your resume. Let’s then run through the basic resume package. Header – include name (in large print), address, phone numbers and professional email address.

Objective – what you are looking for (make sure to include the college as your target here). Education – your high school, dates attended and favorite classes taken. Experience – any jobs that you have held, including volunteer or part time work. Miscellaneous – all of the data that you have compiled showing that you are not just a scholar. Proof read the package and use spell check to verify there are no mistakes. Print on good quality paper and send it off to that intended college. You are now well on your way. Good luck!

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Free Printable High School Resume Template

Free Printable Table Tent Template in WordResume templates are the ready made formats made available to save your time required for writing a CV. These templates are written by professionals, experts or developed from several online tools. This template provides you the appropriate format, sections and guidelines for including corresponding details in these sections.

When you are applying for the job after completing your high school, your high school student resume template should include the details describing your academic accomplishments, existing skills, project details, etc. All these details together will be helpful in getting you an interview call. Here is the sample template for high school student resume who is applying for some job.

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