Free Editable Resume for First Job

Free Printable Resume Template for First JobFor a new job seeker, the resume is an all important tool. Being able to adequately describe your total essence in one page of paper is a true skill. Look at how many people make a full time living just working with resumes. The basic layout of a resume include five sections labeled header, job objective, education, experience and miscellaneous.

Lets examine each one to find out what should be included. In the header area, include your full name, address, home and cell phone numbers and a professional email. Get one if you don’t have one. They are cheap and plentiful. Make sure that this information is current, employers won’t contact you if they can’t contact you.

In the job objective area, state what you are looking for by reading the posting and putting a few keywords in your statement. You have just target the resume specifically for that job. Under education, list all schools attended, dates and degrees awarded. Include key classes and lab experiences relevant to the occupation of choice. This is probably more important than experience at this point. Some employers will even accept education in lieu of experience.

After this put your work history under the experience label. List any and all jobs here including full or part time and even volunteer work. There are plenty of valuable skills that you picked up while doing these things that you didn’t even realize. These could be handling money, working effectively with a team or being able to coordinate a fundraiser. Most employers look fondly upon these characteristics.

Finally, list your hobbies or interests. These can show you are well rounded and may strike a chord with the hiring manager who may share the same ones with you. Make sure to spell check and read the resume for grammar. Have at least 2 friends or mentors critique it as well before final printing. Now go get that job. Good luck!

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