Simple Resume for Graduate School

Free Printable Resume Template for Graduate SchoolGetting into graduate school can be a difficult feat to accomplish for many, especially those who are in very competitive fields. Many graduate schools not only turn a lot of people away each year, but some have very low acceptance rates to begin with. This means that you have to work extra hard preparing and writing your school resume as well as do everything possible to prepare for during your undergraduate years.

Completing the Application Portion:

The first step to preparing to apply for graduate school is filling out the application, which is standard at nearly all schools. This applications are pretty standard form, requesting that you document such things as your work history, relevant college classes to the graduate program, and any extracurricular activities you took on while in college getting your bachelors degree. During this portion of your application, you need to make sure that you exhaust all options for listing important undergraduate experiences you’ve had. Mission trips to a foreign country, research experience for scientist school candidates, and unpaid work experience related to your chosen field of study are all great items to list on your application.

Writing the Essay:

Of prime importance to a graduate school resume and application is the essay portion of the application. The essay portion is your chance to distinguish yourself from all the other applicants. Even though all the other applicants will be writing about why they should be chosen for acceptance, this is your chance to do something different and impress the school counselors.

The introduction of your graduate school resume essay should introduce yourself, but it should be interesting for admissions counselors to read. Consider using a famous quote from a person or a movie, explaining how the quote relates to your personal life or how it relates to your interest in the program to which you’re applying.

Throughout the rest of the essay, you should point out strong characteristics which make you suitable for the program, focusing on those which are most relevant to your major. Writing about a major experience in your life which made you change a point-of-view, or writing about how you’ve been influenced by a person in your life, are two examples which you can include in your essay. End the graduate school essay with a strong, persuasive conclusion.

Letters of Reference:

Perhaps one of the most important parts of completing your school resume is the letters of reference. Most graduate schools require two to three letters of recommendation that you must get from college professors, managers at work, or others who know about your professional or college-work habits. If you’re an undergraduate student, you may be troubled at where you’ll find these important references. However, if you’re attending a typical bachelor degree program then chances are that you’ve had a chance to interact in-depth with college professors during your capstone courses these professors make excellent graduate school references.

Completing your graduate school resume thoroughly is of utmost importance to gaining entry into any program. By crafting an excellent graduate essay in addition to your all-important letters of recommendation, getting into school should be that much easier!

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