Free Printable Resume Template Computer Science

Free Printable Resume Template Computer ScienceYou’ve probably heard it a 1000 times but it’s true, the job market is extremely competitive.

If you’ve made a decision to get into the job marketplace for the fist time, or just looking to gain an advantage over the competition, you need a compelling and hard hitting resume. If you think your resume could do with a “power up” I’ve listed 11 suggestions you can try out.

1. Create A Career Achievements Section
Make sure your resume features a section where you summarise all the highlights from your career. Place this section on the first page for maximum impact. You don’t want recruiters having to read page after page to find out what sort of employee you might be.

2. Use Big Numbers
Use big numbers when describing your previous projects, products, systems or roles. Try to make your earlier work appear as remarkable as possible. If you haven’t worked on anything that’s really big, consider the amount of money your project, product or system made or saved your previous companies.

3. Show Experience In A Range Of Industries
Try and demonstrate that you have experience in a wide range of different industries. If you have only worked for one company, what individual areas did you work in? Was it marketing? Manufacturing? IT? Be inventive.

4. Make Sure You List Any Certifications
Make sure you put any certifications on the first page, these are very important. If you don’t have any, why not start one! This way you can legitimately put one on your resume, you don’t need to lie, just make a note mentioning the certification is “in progress”.

5. Avoid Over Used Power Words
Make sure you don’t completely fill your resume with overused power words like “Extensive experience”, “Results-oriented”, “Proven track record” and “Team Player”. Once or twice is acceptable but not for every job listed.

6. Scannable First Page
Your very first page has to be scannable in just a few seconds or less, use font size 12 (but not different types) and use bold to draw the readers attention.

7. Clarity
Don’t babble, get to the point, every sentence should be clear and concise, no waffle. For example “I successfully ran project XYZ generating 100k in additional sales for CompanyX”. That’s clear and to the point.

8. Don’t Include Links To External Sites
Don’t link your resume to sites like MySpace or Facebook where recruiters could see pictures of you at the pub.

9. Update Your LinkedIn Site
Don’t let your LinkedIn site go stale. Employers often review your LinkedIn site to ensure the jobs listed here match those listed in your resume. Get one if you don’t have one!

10. Don’t List Your Referees
You don’t need to list referees in your resume. This is mostly unnecessary for a resume. If the potential employer is interested in referees they’ll ask you.

11. Don’t Use A Boring Resume Template
Standard templates look exactly that, standard. Dress your resume up with a splash of color, specific formatting, sections and easy to read fonts.

These 11 tips could help improve your resume giving you the edge you need to beat the competition.

pdf - Free Printable Resume Template Computer Science   Free Printable Resume Template Computer Science – download

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