Free Customizable High School Student Resume Template

It’s time to write that first resume, and you have no idea on even how to start. If you can follow some simple guidelines. then you too can build a decent resume. Before beginning, try to organize some of your thoughts on scrap paper (i.e. what you are good at, any jobs held, favorite class, […]

Sample Resume for High School Student

One might assume that high school students could simply fill out applications when seeking employment. While most companies do require the completion of an application in accordance with their business policies, a document that cut and dried will do little to open doors for young people competing in an ever-dwindling job market. By contrast, well-prepared […]

Simple Resume for College Application

Resume for college application is not something you just wake up in the morning and decide to do while you’re finishing up your college education. If you are close to your graduation date then you have probably been advised to start preparing your resume for when you do graduate and begin your job search. If […]

Sample High School Resume

After writing a first draft of your high school resume, put it aside for a day or two. It is good to take a break from looking at your resume, since after a while, everything looks correct even when it is not. Use the following checklist as a guide to proofread your resume. Double check […]

Free Printable High School Resume Template

Resume templates are the ready made formats made available to save your time required for writing a CV. These templates are written by professionals, experts or developed from several online tools. This template provides you the appropriate format, sections and guidelines for including corresponding details in these sections. When you are applying for the job […]